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CISO As A Service

CISO as a Service (sometimes referred to as CISOaaS) is a cybersecurity consulting service that provides the high-level experience and leadership of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on a part-time basis to an organization.

CISO as a Service has emerged within the last few years as a popular offering to meet the cybersecurity needs of companies that can’t or don’t want to hire a full-time CISO. While many growing companies need cybersecurity leadership to build security programs and lead compliance efforts, CISOs are expensive C-suite employees that are often difficult to hire and expensive to retain. CISOaaS is a flexible, efficient, and affordable alternative for companies with cybersecurity needs.

  • Learn, understand, and manage your company’s cybersecurity risk profile. 

  • Experienced leadership makes security compliance easy. 

  • More sales: many large companies expect good security and compliance programs from the vendors. Deliver, and grow. 

  • Flexible leadership that delivers exactly what you need, when you need it. 

  • Good CISOaaS offerings provide a security team, not just a CISO, providing a wider base of experience. 

  • You can quickly select a CISOaaS provider and get them started in weeks instead of months. 

  • Much easier to retain than an employee. Your CISO can’t be poached!

  • Continuity – don’t lose your program because your CISO leaves. 

  • CISOaaS can help you hire the right full-time CISO if you decide you need one later, including writing the job opening and performing the interview.

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