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Security Technology Optimization 

As an organization increases investments in security technology, it’s important to optimize how each solution connects in order to keep your security stack effective and efficient.

Whether your organization is investing in its first security solution or you have an existing set of technologies that aren’t fully integrated, RCCS can help. RCCS integrates several security technology areas to minimize gaps in your protection and ensure your entire organization remains secure.


       Endpoint Security

  • Make sure your organization’s laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other wireless devices aren’t giving intruders an opportunity to attack your network.

​        Data Loss Prevention

  • Control the data that employees and contractors can transfer outside of your corporate network.

​       Cloud Access Security Broker

  • Ensure your enterprise security policies are delivered consistently and correctly every time a user connects to a cloud service.


       Advanced Threat Protection

  • Defend your network and endpoint devices from sophisticated malware or hacking attempts.


        Identity and Access Management

  • Ensure the employees in your organization have correct and consistent access to the technology resources they need.


  • Ensure your organization’s firewall is appropriately allowing or denying inbound and outbound network traffic.


        SIEM and Log Management

  • Centralize your organization’s security solution, operating system, and application log files to identify and mitigate attacks and respond more rapidly and effectively to breaches.

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